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Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE – Guide 2023

Setting up a business in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE requires completing several formalities, such as obtaining a trade license, registering a company, drafting documents, going through immigration and visa processes, opening corporate bank accounts, and more. However, one crucial aspect that often goes overlooked is trademark registration in the UAE. In this article, we will explore the importance of trademark registration and how it can help you to protect your brand identity and maintain your company’s credibility.

Why is Trademark Registration Important in the UAE?

how to register trademark in Dubai
how to register trademark in Dubai

• Ownership

When you invest a significant amount of money in your firm, it is essential to ensure that you have the exclusive right to own and use your brand identity. Trademark registration in the UAE provides you with the legal assurance that your company’s identity is protected and that you are the sole owner of your brand. Your brand will be monopolized.

• Making Identification Simple

A logo, brand name, or signage plays a crucial role in communicating intellectual and emotional ideas about your company. A registered trademark establishes your brand’s reputation and helps consumers associate your products or services with your business, making it easier for them to identify and categorize your company.

• Copyright Protection

Registering your trademark in UAE grants you the authority and ownership rights over your brand. In case any third party attempts to use a similar mark that may cause confusion or dilution of your brand’s reputation, you have the legal rights to take action against them. Trademark registration protects your brand from unauthorized use and ensures that you can enforce your rights if any infringement occurs.

• Enhancing Brand Value

A registered trademark adds value to your brand. It signifies that your products or services have met the standards set by the UAE trademark registration authority, increasing the perceived value of your brand among consumers. A registered trademark also helps build trust and credibility with potential clients and business partners.

Who Can Apply for a Trademark?

Register trademark Dubai
Register trademark Dubai

To identify their products or services using a trademark, both individuals and companies should register their trademark in the UAE and other countries where protection is desired. According to Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 on Trademarks in the UAE, the following individuals and entities are eligible to register their trademarks:

  • Employees in any economic, technological, or service sector.
  • Natural and artificial people.
  • Foreigners employed in any economic, technological, or service sector.

What Can be Trademarked in the UAE?

Trademark registration UAE cost
Trademark registration UAE cost

While a brand can be recognized by various characteristics, it is essential to understand which of these characteristics can be protected by a trademark. The UAE trademark law allows protection for any label or sign that aids in distinguishing one product from another. This includes:

  • Signatures
  • Titles
  • Characters
  • Seals
  • Posters
  • Engravings
  • Names

However, certain items are not considered eligible for trademark protection, including geographical names and indications, banknote designs, details of honorary degrees, well-known brands, Names of known persons, and marks that could deceive the public or harm public order.

How to Register a Trademark in the UAE?

Trademark registration fees in UAE
Trademark registration fees in UAE

To officially register your trademark in Dubai, you must follow these steps:

Step 1: List of Names

Create a list of names that comply with the naming guidelines and regulations specified by the UAE regulatory bodies. Evaluate each name based on these guidelines and eliminate any names that do not meet the legal requirements.

Step 2: Check Availability

Check the availability of your chosen brand name. If the name is already registered, it cannot be used. Make sure to remove any unavailable names from your list.

Step 3: Trademark Registration

To register your trademark in the UAE, you need to file an application with the Ministry of Economy. Ensure that you provide accurate and complete information in your application to avoid rejection.

Validity of Trademark Registration in the UAE

Trademark registration in GCC countries.
Trademark registration in GCC countries.

Once you complete the trademark registration process in the UAE, your trademark will be valid for ten years. After this period, you must renew your trademark to continue its protection. Pertinent note that the renewal of the registration can be initiated 6 months prior to the expiry. It is crucial to note that your registration will be cancelled after the expiry of 3 months.


Trademark registration is a vital step in establishing your company’s credibility and protecting your brand identity in Dubai and the UAE. By ensuring that you have the exclusive right to your brand, you can enhance your brand value, simplify identification, and safeguard your company’s reputation. To navigate the trademark registration process smoothly, it is advisable to seek professional guidance from experts such as Legal Maxims Consultants. Contact them at +971 4 227 8125, send a message on WhatsApp at +971 50 509 3949 / +971 50 173 2411, or email them at to learn more about trademark registration in the UAE.

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