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Registration of Wills
Register a “WILL” and Safeguard your “ASSETS”.
A Will is legal declaration whereby a person specifies his wishes and names someone as beneficiary for distribution of assets after his death. Registered WILL protects all your domestic, foreign, and future Assets and even appoint a guardian for your minor children and ensures that it reaches in right hands after your life. We draft and register personalised testamentary Wills with full legal compliance.
Debt Settlement
Continuously changing economy and happening of unexpected events can lead to rising of debts loads and serious difficulties making your payments. Legal maxims help you in debt settlement in Dubai.
‘True copy certified … Photograph bears true likeness…../ Signature is affixed in the presence of……’
We do True copy Attestation/ Certification of all kind of Original documents to use outside the country to meet the requirements of various government departments and private entities around the world for various purposes.
Legal Translation
Legal Maxims Consultants has a proven track record in providing professional legal translation to our many clients. In the UAE, important documents require the utmost attention and expertise to ensure an accurate legal translation. Our experts are trained to recognize these variances and can assist you in applying the correct nomenclature.
Criminal Status Check
Legal Maxims helps you with criminal case status check and travel ban check to enter if there is any case and/or travel ban against you.
Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Designs….
Intellectual Property is a creation of human mind such as idea, invention, trade secret, process, program, data...
Overseas Immigration
Legal Maxims helps you in the overall process of immigration to UAE and all other European countries such as USA, UK, Canada and Australia
Business Setup
Free Zones, Offshore, Mainland companies…
Your legal partner for Business setup. A Tax-free environment, Investors friendly atmosphere

Bespoke Legal Services at your Fingertips.

Wills in the UAE

Wills in Dubai

Will Registration in Dubai

The UAE is governed by the Shariah Law (Quran), however, there are many expats in the UAE who are non-Muslims and who will prefer that their local laws are applied to their UAE assets. The only way to ensure that the local law of an expat applies to the distribution of his assets in the UAE after death is by registering a Will in the UAE, expressly stating that the laws of his country should apply to his UAE assets after death.

Legal Attestation in the UAE

Legal Attestation

Document Atestaion Services

A Certified True Copy of a document is the photocopy of the original document which will be attested by a Legal Practitioner as the representation of the original document.If an original document issued in one country is required for use in another country, rather than send the original document, a Certified True Copy will suffice as long as it was attested by a legal practitioner.

Debt Settlement in the UAE

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement in Dubai

Debt Settlement is the Agreement reached between a Creditor and a Debtor for payment of the debt owed in a way that is convenient for the debtor and acceptable by the creditor. Our Debt Settlement team utilizes a win-win strategy when contracted to negotiate with creditors and ensure that the result is one that is convenient and litigation-free.

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