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Areas of Practice

Legal service with its all dimensions like Civil, Criminal, Corporate, Administrative, Real Estate, Family, Trade and commercial, Intellectual property, Employment, tenancy etc.

Areas of Practice

  • Real Estate Law:

The field of law that controls the acquisition, exploitation, and sale of real estate. The law controls how individuals get property and what they may do with it once they have it.

  • Immigration Law:

Who may or may not be given entrance clearance and leave to remain in the country is governed by immigration law.

  • Maritime Law:

A complex of laws, agreements, and treaties referred to as marine law, sometimes known as admiralty law, regulates open water offences, shipping, and other maritime activities.

  • International Trade & Commercial Law:

The rules applying to operators and operations in international trade. Law controls import and Export, Buying and selling of commodities and services.

  • Tax Law:

Gradually increasing rates of income tax are applied to income categories with greater income levels.

  • Arbitration Law:

Without having to go to court of law, a disagreement can be resolved through arbitration.

  • Family Law:

Matrimonial, Child Welfare, and Inheritance are the three primary fields of family law. It may also involve guardianship, child abuse, and neglect, as well as domestic violence.

  • Intellectual Property Law:

Refers to the development and defense of intellectual property rights, including innovations, designs, brands, works of art, and music. Trademark, Copyright, Patent and Industrial Designs are the main areas under IP Law.

  • International Law:

Common law has been influenced by international law. Many pieces of domestic law in the UAE are also based on the country’s obligations abroad.

  • Wills & Probate:

A will ensures that your assets and possessions pass to the individuals and organizations of your choice following your passing and the complete process of managing a deceased person’s estate is known as probate.

  • Employment Law:

A body of regulations that control the relationship between employees and employers, including laws and other legal factors.

  • Tenancy Law:

Outlines the terms and conditions of a tenancy arrangement.

  • Artificial Intelligence Law:

Regulates the creation, application, and usage of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Cyber Law:

Laws dealing with the intentional use of computers and technologies to commit a crime or harm others.

  • Trade Secret Law:

Laws dealing with the information that is the subject of attempts to maintain secrecy and has independent economic worth since it is not widely recognized or easily ascertainable.

16).    Assets Protection

The asset protection is crucial, especially in a jurisdiction where expatriates reside and own movable and immovable properties. It is very important for the expatriates to understand the local laws that govern their assets and how their assets can be guarded during their life time and also after death.

An avoidable misfortune that befalls myriads of entrepreneurs is the loss of their homes, savings, and even their spouse or partner’s assets. Most often, it is too late when we are contacted as in most cases the asset owners are already at the edge being bankrupt. So, why leave matters until it is too late? If you will like to keep what is yours, contact us for a Asset Protection Consultation.

We are regularly called upon by our clients for asset protection matters, as it is one of our major areas of expertise. You can also join the boat, but first, you should understand why Assets needs to be protected.

Why Asset Protection Matters?

Assets Protection is a set of techniques or strategies used to protect assets belonging to an individual and/or business against the claims of third party, who tries to seize your wealth.

Assets are required to be protected to reduce the risk of losing your hard-earned property (Money, Real Estate Investments, Jewellery, Vehicles and Personal or Household Belongings).

Asset Protection is carried out by adopting various strategies such as:

  1. Registration of Wills or Deeds

A legal declaration of a person wishes regarding the disposal of their assets after the death. Wills registration is the most desired and effective ones especially, when it comes to the assets protection of expatriates in the UAE.

  1. Use of Assets Protection Trust or Foundation

Both the trust and foundation provide families with a local solution to manage their wealth protect their assets and plan for successions.

  1. Formation of Offshore company or Limited Liability Companies

The separation of liabilities is a major key to asset protection. Setting up an Offshore or LLC can prove to be more beneficial in securing your assets than you can ever imagine. The benefits a company grants its promoters and directors are far more advantageous than what being a sole proprietor can give.

How can Legal Maxims help you to protect your Assets?

Assets are the base for financial stability. When there is financial stability, there is physical and mental security which will be equally beneficial for you and to your loved ones. So, take this initial step towards prosperity.

Upon our initial consultation, we will be able to ascertain where your assets are located and their identity, and thereafter we will be able to help you segregate where and how the assets should be owned and protected.

At Legal Maxims, we are glad to take on your request for the Protection of your assets and will assure you the peace of mind that you need. Our service includes but not limited to setting up legal forms for your business and helping you to responsibly plan any form of taxation. Since Asset Protection requires an in-depth knowledge of the various law in the UAE, we assure you of our esteemed service and dedication to ensuring that your assets are protected.

To know more about Asset Protection in the UAE, contact us for a free consultation today.

  1. Regulatory Compliances

Compliance with the laws of the land is pertinent for the successful existence of any business.

We have more than 15 years’ experience in advising clients on the various statutory provisions, policies, licensing conditions, and notifications regulating various industries in the UAE. We help clients in understanding the law and thereby manage the risks involved in running their business.

Our clients include MNCs, established corporate entities, organisations and upcoming companies (both big & small) and they trust us for guiding them through the myriad of laws regulating their industries.

Legal Maxims routinely interact with regulators and law enforcement agencies and represents our clients for various approvals and licenses, and also to understand the finer interpretations of legal provisions.

Our experienced Regulatory & Compliance team is a multi-disciplinary one, consisting of lawyers from practice areas such as Corporate & Commercial, Litigation, Real Estate, Labour and Employment, IT, Intellectual Property, and Tax

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