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Resolving Dispute between Landlords and Tenants Under RERA
Resolving Dispute between Landlords and Tenants Under RERA Dubai’s real estate market is experiencing a major housing boom, with ten of thousands of villas, apartments and townhouses. Real estate markets in Dubai attracts both Landlords and tenants from all over the world. Rental laws in Dubai are to protect both Landlords and Tenants rights. To...
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The National Agenda for Entrepreneurs in UAE
    The National Agenda for Entrepreneurs in U The National Agenda for Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is a visionary roadmap that aims to support UAE Entrepreneurs to strategize and satisfy their needs, as well as grow and sustain their business in collaboration with all stakeholders by the year 2031. The Federal...
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Exploring AI's Latest Breakthroughs and Innovations
Exploring AI’s Latest Breakthroughs and Innovations Technology has advanced dramatically over a lengthy period, with artificial intelligence being one of the most notable advancements. Contrary to its name, artificial intelligence is not developed without human input but rather created and programmed by humans to simulate intelligent behaviour and decision-making has been immensely helpful in saving...
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FINANCIAL FRAUDULENT BY EMPLOYEES Navigating Dubai’s Financial Fraud Law: A Guide for Victims Financial fraud is an unfortunate reality that individuals and businesses may face, resulting in the loss of hard-earned money through misappropriation and illicit practices. In Dubai, Law No. 37 of 2009, also known as the Dubai Financial Fraud Law, aims to combat...
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BOUNCED CHEQUE Bouncing a cheque in the UAE can have serious legal consequences. Bounced cheques can result in criminal charges, including fines and imprisonment. The Federal Law Number 18 of 1993, issuing the Commercial Transactions Law, which regulates the matters of issuing cheques, defines a cheque in its Article number 483 as a commercial paper containing...
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Drunk and drive
Drunk and drive Federal Law No. 21 of 1995 “Concerning traffic” as amended in the law, which governs traffic and regulates vehicles. The law also stipulates the sanctions for traffic crimes and procedures related thereto. It’s strictly prohibited for the driver of any vehicle to drive under the influence of an alcoholic or narcotic substance,...
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UAE imposes Strict Penaltis against Cyber photography
UAE imposes Strict Penaltis against Cyber photography Have you ever taken a video of photo of a movie in the theatre? This could fetch you a heavy fine and even jail time. UAE: Up to Dh100,000 fine, 2 months in jail for taking photos, videos at the cinema. In January 2022, the UAE implemented Federal Law...
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process of liquidation in UAE
process of liquidation in UAE Process of liquidation in the Uae Liquidation can be one of the best options for a company if it is no longer able to meet its financial obligations, or if it is insolvent. Liquidation can be either voluntary or compulsory i.e. through a court order. When does a Company need...
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UAE’s Arbitration Evolution: Impact of Federal Law No. (15) of 2023 IS IT COMPULSORY TO CANCEL THE TRADE LICENSE BEFORE LEAVING THE COUNTRY FOREVER??? In the UAE, licenses for companies are generally given for a year. At the end of that duration i.e., a year, the said license must be renewed by paying the relevant...
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UAE’s Arbitration Evolution: Impact of Federal Law No. (15) of 2023 Things to keep in mind before starting a business in UAE Company formation in Dubai or opening a new branch of an existing business in UAE/Dubai can be financially rewarding if you do your homework beforehand. This means knowing everything there is to know about...
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