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e-Trade License for UAE’s

Social media has opened opportunities to explore the world of business sitting at home. While using social media as the platform for business, people will not have to spend exorbitant amounts in setting up their business and marketing the products. They can spread the word about the business through social media platforms effectively. It will act as both a marketing tool and an interface between the business owner and the buyer.

The Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) introduced the E-Trader License in Dubai in 2017 primarily to regulate the sales of products and services online. This was done to ensure the genuineness of the online businesses.

All online sales via a valid social media account require an E-Trader License. Since E-Trader License can be obtained only by UAE residence visa holders or GCC citizens, you will first need to obtain your UAE residence visa.  UAE residence visa can be obtained either through employment, business ownership, or being a dependent under a spouse visa or a parent visa. 

Types of E-trade License

There are two types of E-Trading Licenses in Dubai, viz. Commercial License and Professional License. Although an Emirati or the GCC personnel can apply for both the licenses, an ex-pat can apply for the Professional License only. This limits the business functions of ex-pats to rendering professional services like make-up artists, modeling photography, etc. 

Who should apply for the Dubai E-Trade License?

As long as your residence status is valid, you are eligible for the E-trade license. Below are the different categories of people who may find the E-trading useful:

  • Stay-at-home mothers or homemakers
  • Professionals, who don’t want to spend money on setting up a firm, but want to use their talent
  • Start-up businesses who are yet to generate enough funds to hire an office space
  • Entrepreneurs who can generate more leads or sales online
  • Professionals employed in other jobs, wanting to take up their passion as a side business
  • Newbies experimenting with new business ideas

It is important to note that only one person can register under one license.

Benefits of E-Trader Professional Licence in Dubai.

Below are the benefits you enjoy having an E- Trader Licence in Dubai:

  • You have your trade name registered and protected
  • No Local Sponsor, Local Partner, or National Service Agent is required for this license
  • An E-Trader Licence is strictly for a single-owner home-based business in Dubai or freelancer Individuals with this home business license in Dubai cannot open a physical shop or issue visas
  • With an E-Trader, one can easily promote their products and their services through social media platforms
  • Online transactions with licensed entrepreneurs give customers the assurance that they wouldn’t end up with fake products or fraud
  • E-Trader License serves as a massive relief for those who haven’t invested much to set up a physical shop or office to showcase their businesses. This also applies to those who feel their businesses are better off on the Internet platforms rather than in physical locations
  • With the E-trade license, one’s business name is considered legit and trustworthy
  • They can even attend training and activities hosted by DED which build trust between the business owners and both the existing and potential customers

Requirements for an E-Trader Licence

  • Applicant must be of 21 years of age and above
  • Applicant has to be a UAE resident or GCC citizen
  • Applicant must be successfully registered on the DED Dubai official website
  • Applicant must have an Emirates ID

How Can Legal Maxims Help You?

If you are planning to work from home using social media platforms and don’t want to hire an office, then an E-Trader License in Dubai is the ideal solution to flourish your business.  Discuss your plans with us today. We have a team of professionals, who will guide you according to your business objectives. It will be more fruitful if you enter the business field with the support of our expert team, rather than testing the field without adequate knowledge about it. We will provide you with legal solutions and strategies that will be beneficial for the success of your business.  

To know more about starting your own venture while working with your current employer, please call/WhatsApp us at or email us at 

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