What Are the Benefits of Using Attestation Services in the United Arab Emirates?

The requirement for attestation of certificates is one of the many things to consider when traveling abroad. For example, an Indian citizen visiting Dubai will need their certificates or Documents attestation from one of India’s official government offices and the signature of the verifying personnel. Likewise, when a resident of the UAE travels to India or another country, they will be required to provide documents attested by the UAE government. In addition, numerous companies in Dubai provide online certificate attestation services.


The authentication or legalization of valuable educational, non-educational, and commercial documents that would be required in another country for purposes such as business, employment, higher education, or immigration is referred to as certificate attestation. It is an important task to complete because a person may face difficulties or even be denied permission to stay in a foreign country without proper documentation.

Individuals can benefit in a variety of ways by having their documents attested. The following are some of the important reasons why attestation services in the UAE are necessary:

Ensure that immediate dependents are taken care of-

The attestation of certain non-educational documents is beneficial to an individual’s family members. For example, it is required to obtain a residence visa for the wife, children, and in-laws and enroll a child in school (via transfer certificate). In addition, before moving to another country, an individual’s marriage certificate must be attested by their home government. In this way, the foreign country will recognize the individual’s marriage and other relationships.

Attestation service in Dubai

Purchase or sell a home- Affidavits of non-educational documents are also required to obtain power of attorney and obtain the right to sell properties in India, and remove an LLC partnership when the Indian partner does not want to extend the collaboration.

Obtain visa without hassles- Individuals applying for any category of passport such as employment visa, business visa, etc., must avail of certificate attestation services. For instance, someone visiting UAE for a new employer must obtain a work visa and therefore will have to get attestation of their educational and personal documents from the UAE embassy in India. The visa will not be processed for an individual who fails to provide attested documents.

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