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Verification Services - Dubai, UAE

We understand the need of being secured from every personal and professional risk. Market is observing free circulation of fake news and documents such as forged academic certificate, experience letters, references, IDs along with the increasing number of fraud cases at all level; employment sector is no exception to this scenario. Hiring incompetent candidate or the one with the criminal record will not serve the organization. That’s where our Verification Services come into play.

Procurement of forged documents and portrayal of fake identity in this modern era is not the impossible task to do. Therefore, it is always advisable to verify such documents and run background checks before hiring or conducting business with anyone.

We at Legal Maxims aim at providing secure and reliable Verification Services to our communities by ensuring that the professionals serving them are qualified and competent.


Key Benefits of our Services

  1. Efficient Risk Management
  2. Authenticity of Documents
  3. Cost Effective Service
  4. Saves Time and Resources
  5. Protects Company’s Brand Reputation
  6. Prevents Fraudulent Activities

Our Services

We undertake documents and data verification services on behalf of governmental and private institutions screening the documents submitted for employment, as well as documents relating to transportation equipment and machinery offered for sale or export or being important to disclose stolen and fake items.

Our Verification Services is categorized in two folds:



  • Identity Verification
  • Personal Background
  • Employment Verification
  • Academic Credential Verification
  • Immigration Verification
  • Authenticity Verification
  • Source Verification
  • Signature Verification
  • Criminal Records Check
  • Import & Export Documents Verification
  • Shipping & Cargo Documents Verification
  • Health & Insurance Documents Verification
  • Banking/loan/mortgage Documents Verification
  • Travel Documents Verification
  • Bankruptcy Verification

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