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Criminal Case Status Check in - Dubai, UAE

The UAE is a land of opportunities for many expats. It is said that more than 85% of the population in UAE consists of expats. While this is true and encouraging, due to the 2-year residency system and the span of time it takes to secure another employment, many end up becoming debtors to banks and landlords while business owners turn out to be an unplanned accused of a bounced cheque case.

When an individual on behalf of himself or an organization issues a cheque for credit card purposes, rental reasons or to suppliers, as soon as the cheque is deposited in the bank and it is dishonored due to insufficient funds, it becomes a reason for the beneficiary of the cheque to file a police complaint which automatically amounts to a criminal case. At the moment, as soon as a complaint is lodged at the Police Station with evidence of the bounced cheque, an automatic travel ban is placed on the cheque issuer. So what is a travel ban and how does it affect you?

The Travel Ban

When you have a travel (immigration) ban, it is a prohibition from leaving, entering or re-entering the territory of the UAE until certain conditions are fulfilled i.e. the reason(s) for the ban ceases to exist. The travel ban is in the form of an order issued by the UAE authorities to all the state’s border crossings, forbidding the concerned person from leaving or entering the country.

Criminal case Check and Travel Ban Check in UAE

In the UAE, there is no official portal that supplies the complete service to check a travel ban to UAE. However, the Dubai Police’ website can be used to check financial cases registered against you albeit not conclusive and with other limitations. The portal discloses only matters registered in the Emirate of Dubai.

For a total case status in all Emirates and other cases registered against you besides financial cases in other emirates, it is advisable to check and verify your status thoroughly. Either, you can walk into the Police station to check criminal or financial cases registered against you and increase the probability of getting arrested or take a help of legal consultants in Dubai who can assist you in checking your criminal cases status or travel ban, if any registered against you. Better consult the legal consultants in Dubai to avoid any unfortunate eventualities.

Additionally, if you are outside the UAE and would like to return, checking via a criminal case check or travel ban check in UAE specialist is the only way and we are sure to help you with your travel ban check in UAE and criminal case check in Dubai with a free consultation should we find any case(s) registered. Also, we provide criminal case check for Indian expats with our team of Indian lawyers in UAE.

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