Things you need to know about registering a will in the Abu Dhabi courts

If a person owns various properties, assets, and funds in the UAE, he can request the Abu-Dhabi Courts to prepare a Will and have it registered. A will can ensure that the testator’s assets are distributed according to their wishes. Many people prefer Abu Dhabi Courts to register their UAE wills because of its advantages over other UAE courts. For wills and testaments, all courts in the country follow Sharia law. This condition, however, may be waived in the case of wills made for non-Muslims. Will drafting services, which ensure the preparation and registration of a will in the UAE, can be provided by a lawyer.uae wills

Benefits of registering a will in the Abu Dhabi Courts

You can appoint guardians for your children by registering a will with the Abu Dhabi Courts- If a person registers his will with the courts, he may specify his wishes for the child’s guardianship. Moreover, it ensures the child’s future by identifying the names of the guardians.

A registered Will aids in the protection of bank accounts held in the deceased’s name- According to the law, upon the death of a person, all of their bank accounts, including joint statements, are frozen until the court issues orders to unfreeze them. The frozen bank account prevents anyone, including the spouse or children, from withdrawing funds until the court issues the necessary orders. A will registered in the UAE may assist you in getting out of this situation as quickly as possible.

Protects the deceased’s family- A registered will in the UAE protects the deceased’s family by allowing for quick and efficient distribution of assets without causing the family any inconvenience.

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Types of Wills under the Abu Dhabi Courts

Single wills – A single will is written for a husband or wife, and it includes a list of instructions for distributing his or her assets and funds. A single will can be written by someone married, single, divorced, or widowed.

Mirror Wills- A mirror will include two separate wills prepared, one for the husband and the other for the wife, which act as a mirror to each other. This is the most common type of will used by married couples.

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