Medicine Study in Georgia

Medicine Study in Georgia

Georgia has many private and public universities that offer medical education opportunities to local and international students. Georgia being a member of the Bologna process and European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the degree issued by medical universities in Georgia are recognized both in Europe and the US.

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) programme is of 06 years duration including one year internship. The undergraduate medical programmes are accredited by World Health Organization (WDOMS), ECFMG, UAA, AMEE, etc. The MD programme follows European Credit and Transfer System (ECTS) and the students are expected to complete at least 60 CCT per academic year and 360 ECTS in six years.

Admission to MD programme is available at the following medical universities in Georgia.

• David Tvilliani Medical University
• PetreShotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy
• East European University Faculty of Medicine
• GrigolRobakidze University
• New Vision University School of Medicine
• Tbilisi State Medical University, Faculty of Medicine

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