Medicine Study in China

Medicine Study in China

China is considered as top among the strongest economies in the world. China has a highly advanced infrastructure from academic point of view and may of the Chinese universities are top among the first 1000 top class universities in the world.

For the international students, medical universities and medical faculties of universities are offering plenty of courses to choose from. The medical universities in China are accredited by almost all medical councils and accrediting agencies worldwide. The medical education in China is highly subsidized and being managed by government entities, offers national and provincial scholarship to deserving students based on their academic performance in enduring manner.

The MBBS programme is of 05 years duration in China with the option of doing internship either in China or at the home country for international students by most of the medical universities.

The medical programmes are taught in English language, but the students are required to qualify certain level of Chinese language proficiency during their studies to overcome the language barrier when they deal with patients as part of their clinical rotation.

Admission to MBBS programme for international students is available at the following faculties of medicine / medical universities in China.

• Peking University
• Shanghai Jiao tong University
• Fudan University
• Sun Yat-sen University
• Central South University
• Zhejiang University
• Jiangsu University
• Sichuan University
• Nanjing Medical University
• Huazhong University of Science and Technology
• China Medical University
• Southern Medical University
• Wuhan University
• Xian Jiao tong University
• Xiamen University
• Yangzhou University

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