Human Resource Services

We render tailor-made manpower recruitment services
HR Policies & Procedure Development
Training & Development
Corporate Verification Service
Employee Surveys & Engagement

We at Legal Maxims ask 8 key questions that will enable you to understand one number score that will measure Employee Engagement in your firm. This can be analyzed across the various demographics to determine what factors influence engagement - gender, location, seniority, length of service.

It is important to realize that surveys are important. A good survey will eliminate prejudgments and establish some factual evidence. Surveys also get us opinions, fresh ideas, feedback and new realities that we fail to see.

We conduct surveys to help our clients collect ideas, feedback, opinions and assessments so that our clients can evaluate their positions in the light of the surveys’ findings. These findings also help you with issues they meet in their day to day work. The surveys we conduct are:

  • Staff engagement survey
  • 360 performance review
  • Client satisfaction survey
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Employee surveys
  • Market Research – Product Development Survey
  • Market Research – Service Development Survey
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Salary and Benefits survey

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