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We have a large team of qualified professionals, which help us to translate the documents.

The provision of error-free translated document for use in the UAE is a crucial point to note. As an Arabic speaking country, every transaction to be carried out in the UAE is done in Arabic. However, owing to the fact that expats living and transacting in the country are from different parts of the world, it becomes a matter of utmost importance to translate every document to Arabic.

At Legal Maxims, we give you 100% guarantee that your documents will be translated within a short time frame and you can trust that our certified translators will provide you with just what you need.

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Legal Translation Services UAE

We render top quality legal translation services

Legal Translation UAE

Legal Maxims Consultants has a proven track record in providing professional legal translation to our many clients. In the UAE, important documents require the utmost attention and expertise to ensure an accurate legal translation. Our experts are trained to recognize these variances and can assist you in applying the correct nomenclature.
As professional legal translators, we make the difference in preventing future legal disputes arising and will ensure that the correct legal meaning is conveyed in every translated document. Furthermore, to get the right legal translation, it is best to utilize the expertise of legal practitioners who have the required skills needed to produce the precise translation required.Our legal translators have been carefully chosen, tested and trusted to ensure that only the best hands handle every translation to give the desired perfection. Our qualified professional translators, editors and reviewers, ensure that every complex legal information is conveyed accurately. Most of our translators are lawyers with linguistics degrees, and our in-depth monitoring process ensures that your legal translation project is staffed with the best resources in the legal arena.

Legal Proofreading

We also proof-read your documents, so if there is any doubt with regards to the quality of the translation received elsewhere, our professional editors and proofreaders will get the job done 100% error-free. We correct errors, omissions and imprecise terminology in order to help protect your interests.

Legal Document Translation

The documents we translate include but not limited to:

  • Contracts
  • Court and witness transcripts
  • Depositions
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Legal certifications and statements
  • Affidavits
  • Regulations and laws
  • Government and legal ruling reports
  • Patent and trademark filings
  • Letters of credit
  • Technical documents to support litigation efforts
  • Licenses translation
  • Registration documents translation
  • Expert reports translation
  • Litigation
  • Arbitration translation

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