Asset Protection in the UAE

The protection of one’s wealth is crucial, especially in a jurisdiction where expatriates reside and are unaware of how their assets can be guarded and protected while alive and after death.

An avoidable misfortune that befalls myriads of entrepreneurs is the loss of their homes, savings, and even their spouse or partner’s assets. Most often, it is too late at the time we are contacted and most cases they are already at the edge of filing for bankruptcy- but why leave matters until it is too late?

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Many times, we are called upon to help our numerous clients protect their assets as one of our major areas of expertise and you can join the boat, but first, you should understand how Asset Protection works.

How Asset Protection works?

The separation of liabilities is a major key to asset protection. For example, setting up an LLC can prove to be more beneficial in securing your assets than you can ever imagine. The benefits a company grants its promoters and directors are far more advantageous than what being a sole proprietor can give.  Other examples include the use of Trust, Foundations and Offshore holding companies, Wills and gift Deeds. As soon as we understand where your assets are located and their identity, we will help you segregate where and how they should be owned.

At Legal Maxims, we are glad to take on your request for the Protection of your assets and will assure you the Pace of mind that you need. Our service includes but not limited to setting up legal forms for your business and helping you to plan any form of taxation responsibly. Since Asset Protection requires an in-depth knowledge of the various UAE laws, we assure you of our esteemed service and dedication to ensuring that your assets are protected.

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