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How To Register A WILL In The UAE

Wills are the instruments used to protect one’s rights and the future of beneficiaries. It is drafted for many reasons and as per the wish of a testator. If you are a Non-Muslim expat and possess assets located in the UAE, it is highly advisable to register a Will in the UAE. Failure to register a Will in the UAE could potentially threaten your family’s inheritance rights and may subject them to the application of Sharia law. In the light of these, a Will registration in UAE is very crucial.

Things to Note before Drafting and Registering a Will

Before the registration of your Will, ensure that your Will is accurately drafted by experienced legal professionals.  

Expats can choose any of the given authorities to register a Will in the UAE:

1. DIFC Wills Service Center

DIFC Will is for Non-Muslim Expats and covers all the assets located in the UAE and outside the UAE.

2. UAE Courts and Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD)

UAE Court has the authority to register all the Wills belonging to both Muslim and Non-Muslim expats. UAE Court Registered Will covers assets located in all Emirates. Non-Muslim with assets located in Abu Dhabi has the option to draft a Will and get it to register through ADJD.

All documents submitted in UAE Courts and ADJD needs to be translated into Arabic.

Registration Steps:

  1. Book an appointment either in person or through the official online portal.

  2. Submission of necessary documents.

  3. Pre-registration checks

  4. Registration of Wills

Documents needed for the registration stages:

  • Carefully drafted Will

  • Emirates ID

  • Passport (copy or originals)

  • Documents to prove the ownership of the bequeathed property

  • Others as demanded by the respective registering authorities

Our experienced, multilingual professionals can understand your needs and will draft a Will to represent your desires and your best interest.

For more details on how to proceed with Drafting and Registration, Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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