Dubai free zone company formation made easy with legal maxims!

So you want to open a business in a Dubai-free zone, but where do you start? First and foremost, you must choose the type of business you want to run. For example, will you start your own business as a freelancer? Alternatively, Freezone company setup in UAE and hired others?

Fixing up as a freelancer can be a more cost-effective option; however, not all of Dubai’s free zones issue freelance permits, limiting your options. Meanwhile, there are a variety of free zone company options available, including sector-specific and all-encompassing zones.

Offshore Company Formation Dubai

Here’s how to get started if you think starting your business in a free zone is the best option for you.

  • Choose a business activity- The first step in establishing your Dubai free zone business or offshore company formation Dubai is to determine what type of business you want to run. This will determine where you can register your company. The type of license you must apply for will also be determined by the activities you want to engage in, such as professional services, commercial activities, trading, and so on.
  • Find a free zone-Once you’ve decided on your business activities. The next step is determining which free zone is correct for you.
  •  Choose a company name- Choosing a name for your company is difficult no matter where you choose to do business. There are many factors to consider, ranging from emotional to practical. Does your name, for example, elicit an emotional response? And, if that is the case, what does it say? Reliable? What do you mean, high-class? There are also other naming conventions to consider in the UAE.Freezone Setup Dubai
  • Make your license application- Now that you’ve decided what you want to do, where you want to do it, and under what name you’ll trade, it’s time to submit your application to make your Dubai free zone company formation official.
  • Opening your corporate bank account- To trade, you will, of course, require a bank account. Initiating a corporate bank account in the UAE is not always straightforward, and there are several factors to consider, not least the eligibility criteria of each bank.

Why start your business through Legal Maxims?

Whatever your motives for commencing a business in Dubai are, Legal Maxims can support you with every step of the method, from choosing a business activity and naming your company to registering with the appropriate authorities, opening corporate bank accounts, and processing visa applications.

Send us a prompt inquiry or contact us if you wish to start an offshore company formation in UAE.


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