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Family Law- Conducting a Marriage in the UAE

Non-Muslim Expats: General Procedures on how to register a marriage conducted in the UAE. 

For Non-Muslim expats, the authorized place to register and solemnize your marriage in the UAE is at your country’s embassy or consulate in the UAE. An appointed marriage officer will assist in the registration of same.

For registration purposes, the “to be married” bride and groom have to visit the appointed marriage officer in person along with two expat UAE resident as witnesses. The prescribed wedding notice form will be required for submission which includes a notice, declaration and a Sworn Affidavit. This is usually called the “Wedding Notice”. As soon as all formalities are done, the prescribed fee will be paid.

In certain circumstances, a No-Objection Letter (NOC) will be required from parents alongside four passport size photographs, clear copies of the couple’s international passport and a resident visa of either the intending bride or groom. It is not required that both parties must be UAE residents but at least one of them must be a resident.

Again, in specific instances, a newspaper publication in the couple’s country may be required. On the date of the marriage, the intending couple alongside their chosen witnesses must be present for the marriage to be conducted. Once finalized, a marriage certificate is issued and same will be regarded as valid and can then be registered in the home country.

More information can be accessed at the respective embassy/consulate’s website or primary location.

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