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Patent Registration & Enforcement

We protect your Patent rights in UAE and in other countries as well.

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Patent Registration Services in UAE

A Patent is a right granted to an inventor for a limited period by the Government of UAE, which permits the inventor of a product or a process to exclude others from making, selling or using the invention.

Rights of Patent Owner

The rightful owner of the Patent shall have the legal power to forbid third parties from carrying out any activities related to manufacturing, importing, offering for sale, selling or using the product or keeping it with a view to offering it for sale or use, whether the rights given to him are related to a product or a process. Also,  the legal heirs of the Patent Owner shall have the right to obtain an additional Patent or for improvement, changes or an addition to the invention after it has been patented.

We protect your Patent rights in UAE and in other countries as well. Our professional Intellectual Property team will provide the documentation and the research that will allow you to register your Patent and ensure legal Protection for your invention. Legal Maxims is comprised of a team of experienced  professionals who works regularly with our clients to develop and protect their invention(s) and its technical know-how from any unauthorized use, breach or disclosure.

Your Inventions are safe with us.

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Our Services include:

  • Patent Drafting & Filing
  • Patent Assignments
  • Drafting & Negotiation of Licensing Agreements
  • Enforcement of Patent Rights
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Measures
  • Litigation

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