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Trademark Registration & Enforcement, Patent Registration & Enforcement, Copyright Registration & Enforcement

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Adv. Mohammed Sharafudheen

Managing Director

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Every company/business carries with it a goodwill and a brand value that is recognized by its customers. These goodwill and brand value needs to be legally protected. The Intellectual Property Rights in UAE protects the creations of the mind such as inventions and artistic works; designs and symbols, names and images used in the dat-to-day commerce.

Acquiring and protecting the intellectual property of your company is very beneficial as it:

  • Gives legal rights to the creator
  • Promotes and protects company’s creation
  • Source of generating multiple revenue streams

The Government of UAE requires companies not only to set up their businesses but also protect their intellectual property rights in the UAE.


Our motive is to safeguard our client’s interest and unique creation. As a leading IP service provider in UAE, we offer our services in the following areas of Intellectual Property:


We have been serving various clients ranging from small to large multinational companies globally. We provide quality intellectual property services at local and global level. Our team of resident IP experts and our international IP Associates have been Registering, Protecting, and Enforcing the intellectual property rights of our clients for more than two (2) decades. 

If you’re looking to register your intellectual property or wants to enforce your intellectual property right here in Dubai or across the World, send us a quick inquiry.

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