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Certification & Document Attestation Services

We provide Certification & Attestation for the following Documents in the UAE

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Adv. Mohammed Sharafudheen

Managing Director

+971 50 260 0687

As a leading Corporate organization, providing Certification, Verification, and Documents Attestation for use outside the country is one of our areas of expertise. As you are aware, various individuals and business organizations use ‘certified true copies’ of the original documents to meet the requirements of various government departments and private entities/parties around the world for various purposes such as:

  • Processing immigration and Visa
  • Setting up businesses and offshore companies
  • Selling and buying a property
  • Filing various applications at government departments and private institutions
  • Bank account opening
  • Satisfying the Know Your Client requirements
  • Presenting the documents to courts

However, the certified true copies of documents may also be used for purposes other than the ones listed above.

We provide Certification & Attestation for the following Documents in Dubai:

  • Passports
  • Residence Visa
  • Photographs
  • IDs
  • Signatures
  • Utility bills
  • Letters
  • Academic documents
  • Experience certificates
  • Incorporation Certificates
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Tenancy Contract

How We Certify

Our lawyers check the original documents and then sign and/or stamp the copies with the following text:

This document is certified by me as a true and correct copy of the original…. / Photograph bears true likeness…../ Signature is affixed in the presence of……

In some instances, where there is a specific requirement from the government department or third party requesting the certified true copies, the text confirming the true copy may be different.

Certificate Attestation Service Cost in Dubai

  • Single page document – 100 USD
  • More thanOne page document – 150 USD
  • Agreements & Contracts – 275 USD

Reach out to Legal Maxims, a trusted legal firm in Dubai with 16 Years of experience in Corporate consultation services and business setup in Dubai, for document attestation services in Dubai.

Legal Maxims has also specialization in Private Notary attestation from a range of government offices.

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