Document Authentication for Business

Authenticated documents are crucial for both personal and business purposes. It protects you against potential risks. The authenticity of any documents can be checked, verified by way of attestation.

 What is Document Attestation? 

The method of confirming the authenticity of a document and determining its legitimacy by attaching it to the signature of the verifying personnel is known as Attestation. 

notary attestation

 Attestation of documents is mostly essential for overseas purposes. For example; If you are applying for a UAE work permit from your home country of origin, then all of your personal documents such as your academic certificates need to be attested by the UAE Embassy located in your home country. 

 We at legal maxims have been offering attestation services to our valued customers for the past 30 years. One of our areas of competence as a prominent corporate organization is certification, verification, and attestation of papers for usage outside the nation. At Legal Maxims, our attorneys examine the original documents before signing and stamping the copies. Our capacity and knowledge demonstrate the unity and trust that exists amongst our global networks of specialists who share the common aim of guaranteeing customer satisfaction at all times. 

 We specialize in notary attestation from a variety of government offices as well as UAE business visas. For further information give us a call.

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