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Global Trademark Registration Services in UAE

A trademark is an identity for your business that separates your goods and services from rest in the market. It may be in the form of logo, design, phrases, pictures or patterns, etc. If you are doing business internationally or is about to do, we suggest you to register your trademark in each of the jurisdiction in which it will be used. Global trademark registration will confer an exclusive right to you and protect your business internationally. It’s a good deal for prosperous business.

However, registration in each of the jurisdiction is tedious work, often lead by the complexities as most of the countries have different requirements, process and time frames.  But, our local and international expert consultants will make global trademark registration easy for you. 

For instance:

If you want to protect your trademark in any of the European countries, you might consider registering through the European Union Intellectual Property Office. This will grant global trademark protection in all of the European Union Countries. 

Similarly, our global trademark registration services extend beyond UAE borders such as; GCC, Africa, Europe, Asia or Australia.

What We can do?

Increasing counterfeit products in a competitive market is not unusual. But, if you do not want to be part of such vicious cycle and create successful business then, it’s advisable to register your company’s brand globally at right time. Timely registration will secure you and your business reputation at large. That’s where the Legal Maxims help you. 

Legal Maxims can help you secure your company’s trademarks globally. We have a strong base on global trademark registration because we understand our client requirements and offer them with cost-effective services. 

We are known for our Transparency, straightforward pricing, continuous monitoring of registration process, trustworthiness and dual communication. 

Be safe locally and internationally.

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