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Legal Advice Service in Dubai by Legal Maxims

At Legal Maxims, legal consultants in Dubai our qualified and experienced team of lawyers are well equipped to offer you a bespoke legal consultation service, with the aim of ensuring that all your questions are answered until you are satisfied.

Maxim’s Legal Advise/Consultation

As the name suggests, Legal Advice is the oral information you receive concerning a matter, case or question relating to you, a friend or a relative. It does not ultimately result in an attorney-client relationship but is highly possible that it can result in one.

Simply put, legal consultation is in the form of a short-term meeting between a legal consultant and a client. Where there is an impending case, the legal practitioner explains all the details involved to the client or prospective client; rights present and defense to be put forward (if any), depending on the facts of the case or matter in need of consultation.

A good attorney will help the client understand the likelihood of a case and what is to be expected. During the session, the legal practitioner will help the client understand if the matter is worth pursuing or not.

If any of our client requests for written legal advice in Dubai (also known as a Legal Opinion), we will happy to grant such request. However, in this case, the written piece will be chargeable while any further oral explanation based on the paid written advice will be free.

All our sessions are confidential and you are able to ask all questions necessary. Should you require a written excerpt of the session; the same will be provided to you within specific days after the session is over. We do not charge by the hour but have a flat rate and often grant free sessions. To get help with any matter and bag a free consultation session with any of our consultants, If you an expat from India, we have our team of Indian lawyers in UAE and malayali lawyers in Dubai to help you with the most convenient way contact us here.

Our legal advice in Dubai, UAE includes
  • Contractual, corporate and commercial matters
  • Enforcement and protection of contractual rights
  • Family law and matrimonial disputes
  • Labour law and employment
  • Administrative Law
  • Building and construction disputes
  • Banking law (including commercial disputes, negotiable instruments, foreclosures and repossessions)
  • Competition law
  • Trademark registration and brand registration
  • Construction and engineering law
  • Insolvency, including liquidation of companies and close corporations, and sequestration of trusts and individual users
  • Insurance law
  • Personal injury claims
  • Professional negligence (including acts committed by professionals in their capacity)
  • Product liability, unfair business practices, and consumer issues

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