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Being one of the best FAMILY LAW FIRM in Dubai, UAE, you can expect nothing less than perfectness in our work. Our family law division provides effective legal advice for all areas of family life with a promise of privacy of your data. If you need any legal advice from a Family Lawyer on:

Our experts are available on the following issues:

1. Marriage

Dubai is a few places on earth where nationals from different country can come and perform marriage ceremonies without any hindrances. Getting married in Dubai as an expat is not a new phenomenon as Dubai. However, UAE being the Muslim country follows Shariah Law and has some set of pre-determined requirements based on nationality and religion that needs to be fulfilled by all regardless of their nationality or religion, when it comes to marriage.

Pre-marital general requirements

a) Consent of bride to marriage
b) Emirates ID of both the couples
c) Valid passports along with the visa status
d) At least one person (groom, bride or the bride’s guardian) in the marriage must have a valid UAE residence visa
e) A positive pre-marital health certificate of both the bride and groom (mandatory)


Contact us for any marriage related advice, required documents and to frame Pre-Nuptial Agreements.

2. Family Counseling Services

Going through a counseling session can help couples develop and build a stronger relationship in their personal and marital journey.

At Legal Maxims, we undertake frequent family counseling sessions with our family lawyers in UAE in a bid to ensure that families contemplating divorce or separation may remain together in harmony. Our counseling services included but not limited to:

a) Effective communication
b) Ousting third parties
c) Anger Management
d) Stress Management
e) Private Family Time
f) Managing midlife crisis
g) Solving Infidelity/ Sexual issue
h) Others (as applicable to couples)

3. Divorce

Divorces are not an easy means and take a toll on you especially if there are children and assets involvement. We provide extensive support to our clients to make a sound and beneficial decisions and help reach equitable settlements with minimal disruption.

Grounds for Divorce

The grounds for divorce are regulated by the Personal Status Law. Some of the grounds for divorce are as follows:

1. Unreasonable Behavior
2. Separation
3. Desertion
4. Non-payment of dowry
5. Mental incapacity
6. Adultery

Where the divorce takes place is always a critical decision to be made by the disputing couples. For Non-Expats couple Sharih Law is applicable whereas, for expats, they may either choose to apply laws of their home county or UAE laws. Deciding on jurisdiction is very crucial to determine your position in divorce proceedings. We have the experience and contacts to advice our clients on the choice of jurisdiction.

Our highly dedicated team of family lawyers provides you with:

a) Proper advice on choosing jurisdiction.
b) Representation before the court and at all preliminary meetings.
c) Preparation of settlement agreements/ financial settlement agreements
d) Preparing and submission of legal memos for court proceedings.
e) Providing effective gateway to dispute resolution.

4. Child Custody

Child custody is a sensitive matter that needs to be dealt with carefully. The concept and laws regarding guardianship and custody in UAE are different from other countries. While considering divorce, especially for expats, it’s crucial to know where your rights stand in custodial battle as parents in UAE do not share equal parental responsibilities like they would in other jurisdictions.

Our team of experts will offer the best choice in terms of child custody and child maintenance. The default position of the custody and guardianship can be deviated if both the couple can come to a settlement ground during the time of divorce. Legal Maxims will guide you right through the beginning.

What to expect from us?

Family issues can be handled with a lot of care, attention to details and knowledge of both national and international laws. Our family lawyers are well known of the UAE legal system to give our client right and desired solutions. Legal Maxims guides its clients towards the problem solving path. From drafting marital contracts to filing cases and fulfilling all the documentary obligations, we will be there for you.

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