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Due Diligence is the investigation or exercises of care that a reasonable company or investor is normally expected to perform before entering into any contract with another party to avoid any harm to their property or business. The aim of the due diligence is to check the valuation of assets and liabilities, assess the risks within the business, and evaluate company’s commercial potential.

Understanding its significance for your business and carrying it out accordingly places you in a better position. Performing this type of research or investigation helps you to make informed decision. If you’re the one that likes to calculative risk then it’s advisable to consult professionals. We, the Legal Maxims will carry out all the necessary due diligence process required for your business and investments.

Why Due Diligence?

Due Diligence helps companies or investors in understanding the nature of a deal, associated risk, identifying any financial, legal or operational risks that may be overlooked. It is a decision making tool that helps to obtain information that would be useful in valuing any deal. And, at Legal Maxims, you will get structured methodology and trained personals to do the due diligence for your future endeavors.

Types of Due Diligence

Based on the nature of business or investments deal, due diligence can be carried out. For example:

1. Financial Due Diligence
2. Assets Due Diligence
3. Human Resources Due Diligence
4. Taxes Due Diligence
5. Intellectual Property Due Diligence
6. Legal Due Diligence
7. Customer Due Diligence

Our team of professionals are all set to do needful due diligence for you in any of the business related matters. 

Our Service

Due Diligence is time consuming, requires high level of accuracy and expertise as every due diligence is different. We at Legal Maxims are committed to provide you with the enhanced due diligence investigation at all level. We are trusted ones among our clients because of our global coverage backed by the local knowledge. Our service extends but not limited to:

1. Research with integrity and accountability
2. Investigation on all types of Due Diligence
3. Use of structured modality that complies with all the governing laws of the land
4. Simplified, cost effective process
5. Brief history or reports on company profile, its management and decision makers, track records, conflicts of interest, political and criminal links.

Our Investigation mostly focuses on following aspects:

  1. Fair Market Value Assessment

  2. Financial Verification

  3. Marketing and Operations Verification

  4. Business Specific Risk Analysis

  5. Address any growth and transition issues (if any)

We have outlined a brief overview of due diligence that a company or an investors needs to do to make informed and standard decision for their own safety and of their business. Legal Maxims has years of reputation and experience in financial, legal fields to be able to provide you with effective smooth due diligence services. For further information contact us.

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