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Canada’s Immigration System is an open gateway for many immigrants, either as a worker, student, visitor or permanent resident. There are different categories of the Canadian Visa. The Tourist Visa can be obtained from the Canadian Consulate, usually issued for 6 months or for a longer period, depending on the circumstances and the consulates discretion.

The work Visa is mainly in form of an Intracompany Transfer, the validity is also dependent on the circumstances and the discretion of the officer granting the application. Under this visa, same or opposite sex partners qualify as dependents so far they have being living together during the 1 (one) year immediately before the date of filing.

At Legal Maxims, a premium legal consultant in Dubai we assist you with the application documentation, guide, application form filling, and all other requirements to ensure you succeed in your work permit/visa quest. Here are some of the categories we undertake:

Business Visa and Working without a Work Permit

Receiving the Tourist Visa is the first step to a Canadian migration, depending on each individual circumstance. On a visit visa, anyone can work in specified work categories such as handy man, after-sales service, nanny, baby sitter etc.

However, to be allowed to undertake these types of work in Canada under this Visa, certain conditions must be met, and this is where Legal Maxims comes in.

Our team of corporate lawyers and family lawyers will ensure that the rules applicable are not strict on you by helping you prepare the right documentation. What’s more, we don’t leave you by yourself after the initial grant but will assist you in getting your permanent residence after a specified period of time.

Eligibility conditions:

  • Reside in Canada for at least four years within the five years preceding the date the citizenship application is submitted.
  • Citizenship application requires Proof of English Language speaking.
  • We also facilitate residents’ employment immigration requirement which includes training, guidance, and support.

Furthermore, for all consular services, Legal Maxims will help you reach your goal by assisting with all procedures. In our over 13 years of experience, we have dealt with many cases from straightforward to complex, and we pride ourselves in the fact that many of our candidates got selected and were preferred by immigration officers. We are well skilled in preparing you for any interview to be attended at the immigration office.

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