All You Need to Know About Different Types Of Trademark Symbols!


Today, every industry is racing to gain the legal monopoly of its innovations through international trademark registration. But what do the different types of trademarks denote? Trademarks get categorized into general and specific types. Let us start with the general ones and know them briefly. 

General Types of Trademarks-

1. Generic mark- These trademarks are the regular descriptions of a product or the seller. Generic marks include common words belonging to the public. Hence, a company must add an exclusive modifier to its products to qualify for a Generic mark. 

2. Suggestive mark- The Generic marks are merely the broad strokes of a trademark. More specific and more protective marks require more creativity to qualify. Suggestive marks imply qualities of a product or service without necessarily referring to it in a physical sense.

3. Descriptive mark- A Descriptive Mark is only applicable to the merchandise. Although the words are generally non-register able, adding a signifier could still qualify a product for trademark protection.

4. Arbitrary mark- An Arbitrary Mark is a string of words or phrases that can get linked to a specific product or service. However, these should not be associated with the products or services they signify.

5. Fanciful Mark- This type of trademark is easily the most advantageous one to register. Just add a new word or phrase that doesn’t already have meaning to the public. Though it’s effortless to register a fanciful mark, companies should still make sure that they’re thinking about how their brand would get received by the public. Aside from the mark itself, companies should also consider how their consumers would respond to it.

Specific Types of Trademarks

– Servicemark- A service mark is a trademark that identifies a non-product item such as a hotel or a flight. Some examples of service marks are those for airlines and hotels. They usually require a longer time to process and are not always necessary to enforce legal power.

– Certification mark- This mark gets used by an authorized user to signify that they have followed the regulations of the local market. Unlike other types of trademarks, this mark does not get owned by the owner.

– Collective mark- Collective Marks are trademarks that belong to an organization or group. They can get used to distinguish their origin and distinguish themselves from other organizations.

– Trade dress- Trade dress protection is provided for specific aspects of a product’s appearance related to its packaging, interior design, or exterior design.

– Trade name- Trade names help identify a company as a whole instead of a specific product or service. It is usually the case for multinational corporations.

– House mark- A house mark is different from a trading name. Instead of having a separate trade name, it has the same designation.

– Family of marks- The Family of Marks is the same as the house mark. However, instead of having a full name, it uses abbreviations and initials.

– Sound mark- A Sound Mark is a unique sound that’s recognizable to a brand. 

– Pattern mark- It gets used in the fashion industry. Pattern mark protects a specific design or pattern of a brand. 

– Position mark- Position Mark distinguishes the precise positioning of a mark concerning its surrounding elements.

 Hologram mark- It presents a company logo through contemporary forms. Hologram marks use more advanced visual communication techniques. 

Multimedia mark- It gets commonly seen in film production houses and the television industry. Multimedia marks contain a visual series with co-occurring sound components. 

– Motion mark- It gets closely linked to multimedia mark and is purely visual. 

– Logotype- The aspects of the company’s visual representation like the fonts used and specific modifications get protected by this mark. 

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