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Global Trademark Services

Although a trademark is protected, however it may be vulnerable overseas. Before the Internet, that may not have mattered so much. Today, however, someone in another country using an already protected trademark could be as damaging as someone opening store with the same name as yours in your domicile.

Trademarks rights are territorial, meaning that they are only granted on a country-by-country basis. Trademark registration in one country does not protect a trademark in a foreign country. Trademarks are territorial and must be filed in each country where protection is sought.
Furthermore, in most countries, the only way to acquire recognized trademark rights is only by way of registration, which is often given to the first applicant regardless of the applicant’s (or any other company’s) commercial use of the mark.

Even if you are using your brand name for your business and if you did not register your trademark early enough, someone else can lawfully own the trademark in a country.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property is a creation or work of human mind or intellect, specifically, an idea, invention, discovery, trade secret, process, program, data, formula, patent, copyright, and trademark, design etc.

Intellectual Property Law is an International Common Law, but varies according to the regional state of affairs.

Intellectual Property has assumed a great importance in recent times as a result of the recognition that "knowledge is property". The field of Intellectual Property and its growth in recent times is definitely remarkable and outstanding in the light of changing needs and necessaries of the society, the nation and the world of nations.
Intellectual property (IP) Law is an umbrella term used to refer to the object of a variety of laws, including:


  • Trademark Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Patent Law
  • Trade secret Law
  • Industrial Design Law and potentially others.


We do:
 Registration and renewal of Intellectual properties worldwide.
 Protection & Enforcement
 Legal Action against Infringement & Duplication
 Watching Services
 License & Assignment of ownership
 Amendments of Trademark registration

We prevent:
• Using of your brand by competitors for one's benefit
• Competitors may prohibit you to use your brand
• Fines from the state bodies for using and advertising of the unregistered brand
• Penalties for violation any legal compliance
• Using of your content by competitors
• Using of design of your website/SOFTWARE/mobile application by competitors to obtain financial benefits
• Copying of source code or unique modules of your software/website/Mobile app
• Claim for the rights for the software from the developer, a former employee
• Blocking of your software/website/Mobile application by reason of the violation of third party rights and many others.