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Intellectual Property is one of the ancillary areas of Legal Maxims Consultants.
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Copyright devolves on the owner of a work as soon as it is created, but it is considered prudent to register your copyright since it ensure better legal protection against infringers. Copyrighted work could be a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work. What is sought for is originality of the work. The terms of protection varies according to the kind of work.

Prerequisites for Publishing under the Law

A prior approval has to be obtained for publishing, exhibiting or circulating of classified material. Applications filed with the Ministry of Information & Culture must contain the following:
  • Certificate of origin, indicating the name of the author and/or assignee.
  • An authorization from the licensee and/or owner for exhibiting or circulating the material in a specified region/territory.
  • A certificate from the licensee stipulating that all applicable royalties has been collected.
  • A certificate of non-violation of restrictions on folklore, issued by the Department of Culture at the Ministry of Information & Culture.
As per the law, the assignee/author's representatives and their successors are only entitled to exercise these rights. Subsequently, copyrights may be assigned to a third party. Assignments must be made in writing, indicating the details of the applicable period, usage and region/territory it's related to etc.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property Law has assumed a great importance in recent times as a result of the recognition that "knowledge is property". The field of Intellectual Property and its growth in recent times is definitely remarkable and outstanding in the light of changing needs and necessaries of the society, the nation and the world of nations. Intellectual property refers to a property or asset which is intangible and is a creation or work of human mind or intellect, specifically, an idea, invention, discovery, trade secret, process, program, data, formula, patent, copyright, and trademark , design etc. Intellectual property (IP) Law is an umbrella term used to refer to the object of a variety of laws, including Patent Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Trade secret Law, Industrial Design Law, and potentially others. These Laws provide exclusive rights to certain parties and many of them implement government-granted monopolies. Copyrights, for example, generally allow only one party to make copies of a work.