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We are experts in Litigation and Consultancy on various national and international Laws.
Intellectual Property
Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Designs….
Intellectual Property is a creation of human mind such as idea, invention, trade secret, process, program, data, formula, logo, design etc. Protect it and make it well known BRANDS in the World. We register Trademarks locally and globally over 120 countries.
Business Setup
Free Zones, Offshore, Mainland companies…
Your legal partner for Business setup. A Tax-free environment, Investors friendly atmosphere, Freedom in ownership has become a safe haven for business investment in UAE. We advise and assist for Setting up and formation of all kind of companies with reliable and cost-effective manner.
Internal and external audit and assurance…
An audit is a systematic and independent examination of books, accounts, and statutory records of an organization to ascertain how far the financial statements as well as non-financial disclosures present a true and fair view of the concern. Our expertise gives more return to your business.
HR Services
Getting the right persons on the right place is an imperative.
Manpower outsourcing is the contracting of a business process. Legal Maxims improves overall business performance, maximize productivity and value from your man power, Make a positive difference to your profitability and expert advice at all times.
Wills & Agreements
Register a “WILL” and Safeguard your “ASSETS”.
A Will is legal declaration whereby a person specifies his wishes and names someone as beneficiary for distribution of assets after his death. Registered WILL protects all your domestic, foreign, and future Assets and even appoint a guardian for your minor children and ensures that it reaches in right hands after your life. We draft and register personalised testamentary Wills with full legal compliance.
‘True copy certified … Photograph bears true likeness…../ Signature is affixed in the presence of……’
We do True copy Attestation/ Certification of all kind of Original documents to use outside the country to meet the requirements of various government departments and private entities around the world for various purposes.

Start your business in the United Arab Emirates.

Ajman Free Zone
Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone provides you with speed and ease of incorporation so you can set up your business as soon as possible. You can have your license within 2 working days. Monthly installment and scalability options make this an attractive option for most SME's.

Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC)

Want to have 100% ownership of your business in Dubai in the most popular free zone in the region? DMCC is the premier business district to start your company. With 66 mixed-use commercial and residential towers and over 220 retail outlets in operation, there are currently more than 85,000 people working and living within DMCC making it one of Dubai's hotspots for new businesses.

Jebel Ali Free Zone
Jebel Ali Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone provides you with speed and ease of incorporation so you can set up your business as soon as possible. You can have your license within 2 working days. Monthly installment and scalability options make this an attractive option for most SME's.


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Since the discovery of oil back in 1950’s, many people have arrived, settled and living in UAE. And likewise, they have amassed wealth and assets within UAE too. But many expatriates living in the UAE are also still unaware that in the absence of a Will, recognized by the UAE legal system, the process of […]

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The Road Back To UAE

Clearing bad debts a second chance for the runaway borrowers This is probably the time when we can see the road to UAE for the runaway borrowers opening. Way back in 2009, when the global economy fell into a recession, a significant number of expatriates who racked up huge debts running into several hundreds and […]

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Indian Lawyers In Dubai

We are a team of domain specialist lawyers, predominantly from India. We have direct offices in various cities in India, with the main one being in Kochi, Kerala State (India). Outside India, our main operations are in Dubai, U.A.E and London.  We are a General Practice firm with diverse corporate areas. We advise the local […]

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Procedures For Free Zone Company Formation In Dubai

Dubai is the global hub for trade investments today. The liberal laws and the nation’s open-mindedness to business ventures attract foreign investors.But, before you proceed with company formation in Dubai there are a few things you need to consider. The procedures for company formation in the Free Zone differs from that in the Mainland. The […]

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Free Zone Company Formation and Labor Laws in Dubai: A Quick Overview

All nations have their own set of labor rules and regulations. Dubai is one among those nations that is open to foreign trade investments. Every year a large number of foreigners and expats migrate to Dubai. They are either in search of employment or trade opportunities. Well, Dubai has ample of options for one and […]

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Auditing Firms in Dubai: A Brief Overview

A business’s accounting department has an important role to play while deciding the overall financial infrastructure of the organization. This is one of the most vital aspects of your business that contributes to its growth ultimately leading to success in the long run. Your accounting department might be excellent with numbers and might have helped […]

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Importance Of Legal Assistance To Set Up A Business In Dubai

Our blog posts on How to Set Up a Business in Dubai-Part I and Part II gives a deeper insight into the factors that needs to be taken into consideration before making a final move. Today, Dubai has evolved as one of the world’s leading trade investment hub owing to the liberal trading rules and policies that prevails here.

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Things to Know Before Forming a Company in the Free Zone, Dubai

To start with, this is the best option that Dubai offers to trade investors who prefer 100% ownership of their business. Free Zone Company Formation Dubai Attention foreign trade investors!! If you are planning to set up a business in Dubai here is an opportunity to share the prosperity and richness of Dubai, which is […]

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Divorce Cases in Dubai: A Definitive Legal Guide

UAE is one of the nations with the world’s highest divorce rate, and Dubai leads the separation race with more than 1/3rd of its Emirati population heading for divorce every year. Infidelity in marriage has been reported to be one of the major reasons behind the increasing divorce cases being filed in Dubai every other […]

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Consequences of Bounced Cheque Issues in Dubai

Dishonored cheques or bounced cheques are a common problem in UAE and elsewhere in the world. Issuing a bad cheque is considered to be an offensive misdemeanor subject to punishment that leads to imprisonment and/or imposing of fine depending on the circumstances under which the bounced cheque was issued. What Happens with a Bad Cheque […]

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How to Set Up a Business in Dubai – Part II

As we have already discussed in our previous post on “How to Set up a Business in Dubai – Part I”, now you already know what makes Dubai the preferred hot spot for trade investments. Though the UAE government is quite liberal and open to foreign business/ trade formation norms and policies, there are a […]

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